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If you’ve been desperately trying to find the perfect date, now that you’ve found Elite Singles, you can stop Russian around (sorry). Our community is comprised of educated, professional singles who are looking for more than a casual relationship.Elite Singles offers much more than your average dating site. Our users are more mature, they know what they like and they know what they are looking for, and it is this focused, switched-on mentality that gives our site such a high success rate for creating new couples – and for finding you your dream Russian woman or man!

I can describe myself as kind, caring, open, tender and feminine woman. more about Irina from Nikolaew Over 10,000 personal ads of beautiful Russian brides.

What they missed out (probably due to it being too many syllables) is that that special ‘somebody to love’ is now easier than ever to find due to the miracle of online dating.

If you’re searching for Russian singles, simply heading out to a bar and hoping for the best isn’t a reliable option, especially if you live in the countryside – indeed, it may be weeks, months or even years before you ever get a taste of Russian dating.

Like many Slavic countries, Russia is well known for its hospitality.

Dating a Russian means you’re likely to be fed, and fed Ready yourself for wave after unending wave of borscht, blini and beef stroganoff.

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