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Sometimes all an individual wants is an edit at the bottom of an article updating or correcting the unwanted information, and for the most part, publishers are not resistant to do so.This solution, however, has limited practical effect: a reader has to scroll to the bottom to find the edit, and by that point the damage has usually been done. We’re optimistic that publishers will adopt these gray-area solutions as we see more and more cases where people’s online identities hold back their real life identities.It’s not just editors from many of the world’s most influential publications, but market-shaping industry reporters from leading technology and trade publications and blogs. More and more people are having “Google problems.” They usually look like this: a) someone got arrested; b) the local newspaper wrote about it; c) prosecutors dropped the charges completely; d) the person’s record was expunged (in other words, the slate was wiped clean); but e) the original arrest article, however, is still online. You can imagine the trouble this causes for the individual seeking the article’s takedown: difficulty getting a job, a promotion, or even a date.

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What’s the point of expunging a record when anyone with internet access can bring up an old, bogus arrest?

To je program koji sam dugo jurila po netu i nikako nisam uspevala da ga skinem. Svidja mi se ta šarenolikost u preradjivanju i efektima, nisam ni znala da postoji toliko opcija, da pored ekspozicije.

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A publisher can maintain the integrity of an article while protecting individual privacy by removing or anonymizing a person’s name (for example, changing it to “Doe”).

The publication Bloom U Today takes this approach “if the offense is minor and not a felony charge.” A rare solution that many publishers consider extreme, removing an entire article may be warranted when it is particularly old, irrelevant, inaccurate, or dangerous to an individual’s privacy or safety.

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