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" - to anything else they say you reply, "This line is for donations or to have a relative committed or to follow up on committed relatives- How can I help you??" - to anything else they say just respond, "Sorry, can't help you- Have a nice day-" and hang up - they usually quit after the first time you put them thru this - definitely after a nd time around I received a call today and I couldn't understand a thing this person said- I kept asking him what is this in reference to trying to figure out what he wanted- I said to him, "considering I can't understand you have someone that ACTUALLY speaks English to call me" Then I hung up him and put him on my block list I answered the call on the third ring- Open line, no noise, no one there- No response from the caller- I hung it up and blocked the number from ever calling again- That blocker is worth every penny that I paid for it PARENTS BEWWARRE My daughter, who still happens to be in high school received a call to her prepaid cell from this number informing her of the , US Grant being awarded to her- We thought it to be a scam and after viewing notes we have discovered we were right- what troubles us most is that they knew my daughter by name From this phone I received a call indicating I won a trip- They identified themselves being from AMEX-They were requesting validation in Personal Identifiable Information- I am convince it is an identity theft scam These morons have called me multiple times from multiple numbers - each time I block they reroute to another number with the same line of BSTwo fraud charges, going to summons youblahblahblahhow about you leave me alone already ?These people keep calling with harassing phone calls stating I owe them money and that they have a lawsuit against me and they are lawyers, They are really unprofessional and rude, I want this stopped they have personal information, Im so aggravated,what do I do, Never had business with these people evercalling my mom who is on a fixed income saying he is with eloans in texas wanting up front, for a , loan at -% apr- a month for months- its a scam- saying they got the information from check n go, called check n go and they even said they are a scam The company I work for is receiving multiple, single page faxes w name & cell phones number writing on them- The handriting would appear to be that of a child-Seven pgs on the @ am and pgs at am on the th I have received two such calls but didn't recognize the number so I let the answering machine get them- Hang up usually occurs- Today I received a message telling me that I face being arrested unless I return this call , Nothing was said about why I would be arrested- The caller sounded Pakistani- He did say though "until then, have a nice day"- I didn't call back but went directly to my computer and entered "call from Washington, DC" and found this page explaining the scam- I wish more people would consider using the internet before getting themselves in trouble- If you don't have a computer, call someone who does I received a phone call from this number at : pm , The caller identified herself as " Chris "and was calling to ask if we had placed an online charge to Home Depot in the amount of , I was unable to answer the phone at the time, My wife took the information and said we would call back in the morning,"Chris" said she was going to put the charge on hold and red-flag it pending our return call, When I tried to call the number the number given a recording said " Please leave your message for ", Unconvinced this was a legitimate call from a credit card company, I called Home Depot on-line customer service and was told no charge had been applied to my Home Depot credit card since , I'm aware of the current hacking of Home Depot so I am posting this as a precaution to others that have Home Depot credit cards to be alert to possible scammers hackers seeking personal information, Get their phone number and tell them (anyone) that you will call them back after you have checked your records, which includes the customer service numbers you have on the back of your credit cards, Larry Wow- Was seeing if this website worked- lol- and it does- haha- I remember a couple weeks ago I had filled out the info on the Premium White website- You know what they say "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, " Lo LAsked if I could hear him; told me "my household" won a million sweepstakes; asked me to verify some information starting with providing my email address so they could send me the info on the million my household won; I asked him what his name was and who did he work for and his reply: "I'm sorry, I don't have that information in front of me-" Then proceeded to tell me I needed to give my email address at which point I hung up on him Repeated calls from this company, now with increasing frequency, wanting to know if I want to buy Viagra, etc- I have asked to be removed from their list, but I believe that the phones are set to auto-dial, and the telemarketers have no control over the numbers called- They only take calls that are answered and then try to sell I do the same thing; I actually enjoy pretending to go along with these scammers- They typically call me during lunch or on weekends, so I do have time to kill amusing myself- When I laugh and hang up, they call back up to four times a minuteit's not dell finiacial and anyone posting that is probably stupid or envolved with the fraud going on-I contacted Dell myself and the number associated with this is ()-which is also a fake number-As soon as i asked for the fruad department they hung up the phone-then i looked up "DELL" and got the contact number i needed and reported to them personally about the numbers associated with this whole thing-Just dont answer your phone- No matter how many times they call it will eventually stop-" PEOPLE LIKE THIS, YOUR LOW LIFE SCUM AND SHOULD BE PUT IN JAIL FOR LIFE, WITH OUT A DOUBT YOU HAVE RUINED A FEW ALREADY-"My direct express card is being debited without my permission- My card number was stolen and used without my permission and I need all that money returned immediately or I will be contacting my lawyer- Someone should have called and asked me about activity on my card Another SCAMiphonetest-co IP ,registered with email through GODADDY-COM, INC- and hosted on GODADDY network Phone number: ,is located in Jersey City, New Jersey, County: Hudson Its exchange is managed by VERIZON NEW JERSEY, INC- - NJ-The number is currently on switch number JRCYNJJODSI have also been recieving these calls- My calls are actually on my land line-We just got a wireless router wonder if that has anything to do with it?

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Selling a security system- They are located at Mile Rd-, Livonia, MI - And , is their main number- Their website is integsecurity-com new-system - I called the number back, and a recording with classical music playing in the background stated, "Your call is very important to us, please stay on the line-" At times, it gives you the option to press for more info or to be placed on their 'do not call list'- Pressing simply disconnects you from the call and nothing else-Report them here:www-ftccomplaintassistant-gov #&panel-esupport-fcc-gov ccmsforms form-actioncomplaints-donotcall-gov complaint complaintcheck-aspx?To trace a mobile phone number from 0393121 series, search mobile phone number above. , she thought I was giving her a hard time because I wanted to ask a question? Well you can do what you want with this business, but it?They called and hung up when I answered- I think they were trolling for people who answer the phone- I got a call minuted earlier from an unknown number but I did not answer - I think the calls were related Received three phone calls in the middle of the night ish ish and then ish- Everytime the answering machine came on- I long tone was on the line- I answered the last one and only the long tone again- So annoyinggot a text message: "Get your , Walmart Gift Card right now enter code "free" at www-walmart-com-wmgc-bizx to recieve your , gift card today supplies limited" I called walmart and they said it is a scam This is a criminal extortion scam operating out of India- They are making the calls utilizing VOIP and the names of legitimate firms to make it appear the calls are originating from within the US- There is NO "company" or "debt" and you will NOT be arrested- They are harvesting and or buying consumers' personal identifying information from unscrupulous websites like the one you may have filled out an application with, and you need to do whatever you can to protect yourself- This includes: Notifying the FTC: www-ftccomplaintassistant-gov , placing fraud alerts with all three credit bureaus, notifying your bank and employer and letting these criminals know you are aware they are attempting to extort money for a non-existent debt and have alerted the authorities-The FTC has indicted one of its ringleaders for criminal fraud:abcnews-go-com Blotter phantom-debt-co , &pagewww-ftc-gov opa bgm-shtm Today Google Money Tree contacted me- They have been trying for the last days (I would not answer because I did not recognize the phone number ,)- They would try to call about every min- When I did answered the phone, the telemarktr immediately started reading a script to me, I tried to interrupt her to ask a question, but she kept reading, when she did stop reading, she very sternly told me that the phone call was being recorded? s not for me Another telemarketer with a credit card scam I am on the national no-call list,but that makes no difference to these low lifes that possess the same DNA as pond scum The State Attornys General should co-ordinate their efforts with the Federal Attorney General and crack down hard on these criminals I'm glad I searched this number when I did- He's a liar and a pervert and wanted me to perform sexual acts for money and gifts- I AM NOT A PROSTITUE- He said he would do this and that for me- I'm glad I never met him and never will- He told me he lives in MN and is probably lying about that as well seeing how his number is from NC- Doesn't make sense DO NOT TALK TO HIM- He will tell you he loves you in less than a week- Don't believe that He'll get close to you and then try and hit on your mom and sister and friends and tell you that they want him- He is nasty- AVIOD HIMCame from a person supposedly by the name of Jimmy Munoz- His English was horrible- I could hear lots of phones being used in the background- Really don't know the purpose for the call his English was that bad- All I could make out was if I lived alone- When I asked what that had to do with anything he hung up- Nut jobsasked for my husband, but would not say why he was calling, said he knew my husband, my husband said he did not, the man on the phone insisted he knew my husband, but refused to tell me why he was calling- I handed the phone to my husband and the man on the phone hung up on him When I answered, the agent said they were from a grocery store chain (I do not remember which one)- They said they wanted to speak to the shopper- I said "Take me off your list", and he hung up Very rude I am sure this is not a legitimate organization- Do not give these people any of your information Receiving calls from (), didn't answer the first couple of calls but decided to call the number myself considering this number is registered to someone named Omair Mohammed located in Irving Texas- Called number and an automated outgoing message states that it is Diversified Consultants- I waited on the line so I could speak to someone and a black female voice answered- I asked her the reason for so many calls to my number and she really would not give a direct answer to my question- Instead she kept demanding for me to repeat my phone number and telling me that there is a possibility that I could have accounts with them- I told her that I know for a fact that I do not have any account at all with Diversified Consultants and never have Then this "" had enough nerve to tell me that no matter what I do I cannot block them from calling Well, I done abit of research, Diversified Consultants Inc- Diversified Consultants International are at least of their company names- The company names reputations and licenses are not in good standing with Texas and Florida These people do claim to be Collection Agents as well as Insurance Agents Brokers- What Diversified Consultants boils down to is Personal Identity Phishing and Embezzling Money This is know as Indentity Theft and Theft By Receiving Calls numbers on the do not call list and tries to high pressure sell you an air filtration system- - Numerous complaints on the BBB site about them calling DNC numbers- Only scammers violate the DNC list WARNING - SCAMMER ALERT - WARNINGThis is a New Car Store(South Pointe) Spamming Craigslist ads lying about being interested in buying your car- They have no interest in buying your car- They just want you to come down to their big new car store and sell you an overpriced car, all while ripping you off with a lowball trade-in value- Very shady way to do business Been having the same problem with this same number - () , I also just filed a complaint with the National Do Not Call Registry (thanks for posting the link)- EVERYONE NEEDS TO FILE A COMPLAINT That is the ONLY way this will stop-As an interesting aside, a Google search of the number shows that it is registered to "Guttenberg Florist Concierge" in Guttenberg, NJ- I suggest someone who lives near them stop in and pay them a visit and let them know what's going on and that compliants have and will be filed with the Federal authorities I get a call from a variation of this number EVERY DAY I don't answer and they don't leave a voice mail- It's always a - number- I haven't called it back I figured I would google it to find out more information- Apparently I'm not the only one This is a phishing scam- They send you an email, say they are with your bank, your account has been compromised, and of course they need your credit card number- Do not give them any info- Always call your bank or credit card company directly instead with the phone number from your statement It is a scam- More info here: As per the Federal Grants website at www-grants-gov YOU WILL NOT BE CONTACTED BY THE GOVERNMENT TO OFFER YOU A GRANT-The government does not contact people to offer them money- If you do qualify for a government grant, the government does not request payment for it-THERE ARE NO FEES ASSOCIATED WITH APPLYING FOR A GOVERNMENT GRANT-Providing financial information to prove that you qualify for a government grant is typical, but you should never pay money to apply for a grant- People who run scams often claim to provide help and sometimes claim to be "federal government" officials, don't be fooled by these scams that request money from you-ALL GOVERNMENT GRANTS INVOLVE AN APPLICATION PROCESSIf you have not submitted an application for a government grant and someone claims you have been awarded one, it's a scam- Grant money is not given over the phone for a fee- In order to qualify for a grant you must apply for the specific opportunity that you are qualified to apply for-GOVERNMENT GRANTS ARE AWARDED FOR EXPLICIT OPPORTUNITIESGovernment Grants are typically awarded to states, cities, educational institutions, nonprofits and other organizations to fund research and other projects-GOVERNMENT GRANT APPLICATIONS AND INFORMATION IS FREEBe cautious of offers that ask for your personal information (especially financial) when requesting a fee to access grant information- You can always access free information about government grants and other benefits at Grants-gov and Govbenefits-gov If you get this call, please report it to:www-grants-gov web grants support general-support grant-fraud-html I started receiving calls from this number to my cell phone on , when I ansewered the call and there was a women speaking a language other than English- I hung up and the calls kept coming- I didn't answer any more calls but noticed that who ever it was wasn't leaving a voice mail yet kept calling back- I tried to call the number back from my cell and after two seconds the call gets dropped- I then tried to call the number from my land line and the call is unable to go through- The calls have been showing up each day and a few at a time- Make it stop Turn your ringer off, try blocking the number, or shut down any answering machine and let the phone ring- If worst comes to worst, disconnect it for a peaceful night- Do not answer anymore- It's a good bet your calls are coming from overseas, perhaps the Middle East where it's near midday or so, and may be a computer- A call blocker could come in handy Like the above callers, this number has called or times a day for the last or days- Never leaves a message and when I do answer, they hang up- I am on the National and Colo Do Not call list and have reported them to both numbers This is a caller from Sungate Energy Solutions- They are based in Torrance CA- I had solar panels installed by their contractor and now they call me constantly- Now they call me, leave no message and hang up- PITBCaller left precorded message on my cellular phone stating that I had been contacted because I had recently applied for a payday loan and the "banker" was reviewing all applications- Message gave an email address of www-cardapproved-com with a approval code of - There is a web site, be aware that the website has a typographical error in the first line- The line reads "Did you received an approval code?As he started talking I hung up on him again- He tried calling back but I didnt answer Person just texted me about an ad I placed selling a ring- Wanted me to try to open the photo- I couldnt from my iphone, but refused to try it on anything else- My brother in law is a US Marshal- I texted to let whomever know I fowarded her message to brother in law This is an international calling plan number- Used by overseas callers to make calls in the area-It appears as a "local" call, but is likely from India- In my case I think it was a service survey- I had just called Bright House on a cable issue- It was a robo-call and only left a partial msg regarding a short survey-I do love my i Phone's block featurethis jadrool told me i won , and a new Mercedes I said REALLY, tell me more-In broken english he told me to go to walgreens and pay the taxes and I would get a package from UPS, I said REALLY- Said blow me and bye bye They call to "help" me claim my google listing,for - Scam- They call daily- I have repeatedly pushed to be removed from the list so I spoke with someone to ask them to take me off the list- The agent was rude and called me stupid for not wanting to update my listing- The call appears to be a local MD call but they are in a call center in Florida- Also Called me from "unknown" Speaking in Russian, "Anna" called on behalf of Maymark (or something like that) trying to sell me something- Gave me the phone number (above) so I can call a manager to stop calls Called me times within an hour- from pm till pm while I was at work- Tried to return their calls but always got a busy signal- I called the number with my friend's cellphone, got a woman who barely spoke English who told me to stop calling her Phone number , called my cell and left an automated message, indicating that I was involved in credit card fraud and fraudulent activity- I called them back from my land line with the number blocked- They threatened me-know my social security number, my ex husbands name and both of my children- They told me they will have me arrested for breach of contrac and intent to defraud about a pay day loan- NOT ME but what they know about me is frightening- I can not find any information on the internet about this business- A woman named Victoria was rude and threatening- I asked for a supervisor and Victoria changed her voice to be the supervisor- She did not know their web site address- I have tried calling back to get more information and they seem to be blocking my calls and their voice mail has not been set up yet- I am reporting this to the Federal Trade Commission- THIS NEEDS TO STOPI just got a call from that number, tried to call it back- The operator said the number was not in service and to check the number and call again- Did that and the same thing happened- How can they call if the number isn't in service??????Trace mobile phone number caller name address details for mobile phone number series 0724121.

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