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As we fretted over what to do to pay our restaurant bill, she began digging loose change from the purse. The joke has always been of how we narrowly avoided having to wash dishes at Mrs. Mike Krause/Placentia Over 41 years ago, on April 5, 1968, my husband Randy and I had our wedding reception in the Knott’s Berry Farm Chicken banquet hall.We followed a family tradition in that my mom and dad had their wedding reception there also, in 1941.From readers around Southern California, here are some of those stories: It was 1976.My wife, Carol, and I had a two year old son, Eric, and a limited budget. I can’t recall many details about this family outing after all these years except than when we had all finished eating, and I was presented with the bill, I was shocked to discover that I’d left my wallet at home.To our surprise, in walks John Wayne straight into the kitchen and starts shaking hands and saying hello to all the employees in the back. Just our luck, he brought the whole crowd from the rally across the street and filled up the Chicken house in minutes.Never saw Senator Goldwater but heard he was around somewhere.I still feel badly for the waitress when I think of what she must have felt when this happened.

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Carol had the habit of throwing loose change in the bottom of this particular purse.Don’t know what time we finally got out of there but it was a story to tell all my friends.Still enjoy going to the Chicken house as I only live a few miles away and have only the best of memories of the food and original owners. Now I have the privilege of taking the grandkids there for food and excitement.Bill Westermann/La Palma Back in 1959, my roommate from Biola College and I worked as waitresses in the Chicken Dinner Restaurant.It was such a fun place to work because we met people visiting from all over the country and from all over the world.

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