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3) Tsukiko I was rooting for her until she decided killing Takuro irl for the virtual would be the better alternative.

If she had compromised for the real life fat, ugly, sweaty, balding, smelly, disgusting Takuro I might have felt a more angst about her inevitable end. He wants to send nuke flying but is killed instead. No, but because the people preferred virtual zoo animals rather than the real thing and he wasn't bringing in enough money. Honestly, after that revelation I couldn't bring myself to hate the Ehara character.

It felt like the series was just dropped instead of ended. Plus I in general just didn't like the relationship of MC and teacher.

Shoujo manhwas tend to be less cheesier than their Japanese counterparts. And no, no licensing please, until all 6 volumes have been scanlated, then it would take forever to come on sale here. I kind of regret this, but I will see how it turns out at the end....

The only shining thing he lives for is the occasional visit to a brothel where his savings will allow him to at least not be completely sexless.

Many people would admit that they would prefer a world like "Unreal" to their day-to-day existence.

Just look at how many people engage in roleplaying, MMOs, fanfiction, The Sims, etc.

She basically just swings by one day to let him have some relief from the consequences of his decisions.

I don't think she's forgiven him, but at least she understood him.

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