Gta iv kiki dating guide Slave chat rooms

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Niko can set up dates with three different women through the internet in addition to the two that he meets in the course of the storyline.

Once Nico has set up the date through their is a wait period and then he will recieve an e-mail from the date.

This saves time in finding one later on and will keep date maintenance easier.

NOTE: The motorcycle doesn't seem to appeal to any of the women of Liberty City and a nasty crash with the date onboard can lead to a failed date.

Reply to the e-mail to trigger the appointment, and be sure to show up on time.

After the initial date, you can then collect the girl's phone number so you can call and set up additional dates.

To have a sucessful date Niko must cater to the women's tastes in three areas; Clothing, Car and Venue.

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It's even a good idea to keep a good car that you find in your Safehouse parking space.Special Ability: Health Boost - Call Carmen to restore some health.Check out the “women seeking men” section under CRAP personals, scroll down and (despite your better judgment) click on the “Party girl seeks man for NSA fun and blog material - 29 (Lancaster)” post.If you were thrifty however you might pick up a Perseus outfit early. Luxury cars are the best looking,though not always the fastest.A suit is the best choice when buying from Perseus, as the all in one purchase impress most of the women who like "high class" clothing. Coupes are usually the way to go when looking for Luxury cars, but luxury Sedans also work well.

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