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Instead, give visitors that end solution they’re looking for.

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Or even worse, will they get a call back from seven interested companies who will spam them until they die?

Interested prospects might search for something like this: We Buy tells the visitor they’ll buy the car – which mirrors the prospect’s end goal.

To make it easy for people to convert and remove ambiguity, all these ads should focus on telling prospects what they want to hear: “We’ll Buy Your Car Today.” Why?

Here’s a great example from MECLABS in which Amy Hebdon created a new numbers-driven ad to compete against her control ad: The control ad (top) and the variation (bottom) Which one do you think performed the best? Words like that fail to focus on the customer's needs and can hurt your chances of getting a click – not to mention they've been shown to hurt conversions on landing pages, too.

When it comes to writing copy that resonates, I couldn’t agree more with this nugget from John Kuraoka: Since we’re still in the stone age of advertising and can’t add the visitor’s first name to our Ad Words ads automatically, we’ll have to settle for second best. Find opportunities where you can include the word “you” in your headline or first description line. A lot of advertisers target more than just one city when creating their Ad Words campaigns. Even if you offer services , you want to be welcoming to your potential customers and show them that help is right around the corner.

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