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There's a lot of rich history in Kentucky making it a great place to film all kinds of movies, and TV shows. But curious fans of the original series and of the mythology that both Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost continued to build around the world of Laura Palmer, Agent Cooper, and the Black Lodge had one primer to go on: Frost’s 2016 novel, fans had no idea who would be playing Preston in the new series until Episode 3, when singer, model, and actress Chrysta Bell showed up to debrief Lynch’s Agent Gordon Cole and Miguel Ferrer’s Agent Albert Rosenfield.But David knew what he was getting with me, you know, because we’ve been pals for many, many years. The skirt probably took like, seven to nine incarnations before we realized we wanted to get a nice kind of high waist on it.

A good story, with quality characters that are inter-meshed with emotions and plots that pull the viewer into the characters' world is what makes a memorable film.

But you’re all working together to do it, and you feel so fortunate.

A couple of times, I would read something online about the show that kind of led me to believe that there had to be some kind of breach somewhere.

He liked the crêpe and the silks and the lace—but the kind of more vintage-looking lace.

It was kind of desolate there for a while, but that was definitely David’s idea and David’s vision for Tammy’s look and we worked to find it. I wasn’t aware what a significant aspect Tammy was until I kept reading and turning every page and I was like, “Damn, she’s actually kind of a big deal.” I learned a lot about Tammy from Mark’s perspective, you know, because Mark and David have their different views.

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