Demonoid ratio not updating

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Demonoid prohibits linking to torrents containing pornographic material and malicious software.In addition to forums on the Demonoid web site, an IRC channel, #demonoid at P2P-Network, supports discussion among users.Demonoid features RSS with different feeds for each of its torrent categories and their sub-categories.It tracks and displays users' upload/download ratios, but, except in its early years, took no action against users with low ratios (members who take more than they share).It can help you survive on trackers that enforce a minimum 1:1 trading ratio, and can keep you from getting banned for not uploading.

Former users are still able to use their login details, and most of the old torrents are still listed on the site.

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Demonoid is one of the largest private trackers that has ever existed, although its effectiveness at being "private" is questionable.

At the time it went offline, Demonoid was hosted by an ISP in Ukraine.

Subsequent signs of activity led to no new developments until March 29, 2014, when the site, once again, went online. On May 7, 2013, d2, an unofficial website based on Demonoid's databases went live at, with hosting provided by the U. Around November 2013, a website showing the Demonoid logo and saying "We will rebuild!

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