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Source: If you could say whatever you wanted without fear of judgment, do you think that you could commit to revealing everything that's on your mind, good or bad?

There's something incredibly freeing about casting away your doubts and cares when you feel like you can say whatever you want, without worrying about repercussions.

You might be a little embarrassed if you think you are sending "lots of love" with a LOL message to someone going through a rough time when they read the meaning as "laugh out loud." The same goes for double-checking the meanings of emoticons, which can also be easily misinterpreted.

Many devices incorporate auto-correct as a timesaving device, but that can also get you into trouble if you neglect to correct the auto-correct before you hit send.

They can spread virally in an instant, and you won't have a second chance to take them back.

How will the cyber universe read your words once they are visible for the online world to see?

That's not to say that you won't have a feeling of personal responsibility for how your words affect others, even when they don't know who you are.

You may never get the opportunity to travel the world or experience a lifestyle that's different than your own, much as you might want to.

Your life is too busy to sit on the phone for hours, but you can easily multi-task and fit a quick, anon chat into your hectic days.If the audience doesn't perceive your message as you intended it, you'll have the opportunity to clarify it.Do you know the meanings of the latest texting abbreviations and emoticons?Whenever you post anything online, it's out there for the world to see.Whether you are anonymous or not, your words are a reflection of you.

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