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He states their rights over the children and tells the children to be kind to their parents even if they were polytheists.

However, it is clarified that they should not be obeyed if they are inviting to polytheism. If it be (anything) equal to the weight of a grain of mustard seed, and though it be in a rock, or in the heavens or in the earth, Allah will bring it forth.

I thought Kevin’s talk was both interesting and informative and found the study regarding changing osmolality through the duration of the hibernation period particularly fascinating.’ ‘I have finally made time to watch the 3rd neurology webinar and would like to say thank you very much indeed for organising the course which was/is very interesting and useful.

One thing I really like about these webinars is being able to watch them as many times as you like, within a certain period.

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I have been impressed by the efficiency and reliability of the webinar service, which compares very favourably to your competitors.’ ‘Just a note to say thank you for enabling me to access the webinar.

You can try out webinars, see if you like the format and whether you think they’ll help you to complete your required CPD hours in the comfort of your home, practice, or anywhere else you fancy.

We also have lots of additional free webinars throughout the year, and there are some great ones coming up in April and May.

” Luqman said: “The Divine Decree, repaying the trust, telling the truth and discarding and keeping silent regarding what does not concern me.” (This Hadith was narrated by Ibn Jarir after lbn Hamid after Al-Hakam.)Ibn Wahb narrates that Luqman’s answer to the question about what had raised his status that people came to him for advice was: “Lowering my gaze, watching my tongue, eating what is lawful, keeping my chastity, undertaking my promises, fulfilling my commitments, being hospitable to guests, respecting my neighbors, and discarding what does not concern me.

All these made me the one you are looking at.” Abu Ad-Darda’ added that Luqman the wise was granted wisdom because he was self-restrained, taciturn, deep-thinking, and he never slept during the day. He even used to frequent the princes and men of authority to mediate.

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