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Rick's comment: I deleted the rest of your hateful comment.Cowards like you who rip verses out of context to condemn AND do not have the courage to put your name with your hateful Comments are just too funny.

Many people think the way to get saved is, just be a good person. Some people think that God sends all gays and lesbians to hell.Who gave christian the authority to judge and condemn? I do believe in God's laws, but we as humans were never able to fulfill God's laws because we are ALL sinners (all have fallen short).Why do some christians believe they have more power to judge and condemn than God? Thankfully and joyfully we have Jesus Christ who came to fulfill the law so that all who believe in Him shall not perish.The Romans 1 passage you referenced, in context, has absolutely nothing to do with two men or two women falling in love and serving God together. Mr, you do your thing - don't let anyone stop you... we should life by the gospel of our Lord jesus Christ, Believe him and you will have everlasting life and way we will know if we love him; if we keep his commandments, to love God over all and love one and the another as he love us.if we do not walk in love we are not of God because God is understand the epistles of paul you first most know roman history to get what he meant.

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