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Much has been written about the “Manhattanization” of the Los Angeles core.

However, with only 13 towers more than 550 feet, downtown Los Angeles is no threat to Manhattan, with more than 125, or even Chicago with more than 70.

However, little noted is the fact that most of the city's growth was greenfield suburban in nature, built at low and moderate densities and largely car-oriented.

For most of the past fifty years the growth has been “over the hill” in the San Fernando Valley, a formerly rural area which was annexed by the city before 1930.

The city of Los Angeles had grown 88 percent from 1950 to 2000, but over the past decade added only three percent to its population.

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Growth: 2000 to 2010: The population growth in the Los Angeles CSA was widely dispersed and away from the core.

The central area (urban core) of the city Los Angeles extends from the Santa Monica Mountains to South Los Angeles and from the boundaries of Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Culver City to East Los Angeles grew only 0.7 percent.

Uniquely, the central area densified strongly between 19, while other urban cores nearly all declined in population, whether in the United States or Western Europe.

An argument could be made that Temecula-Murrieta would be in the San Diego metropolitan area if metropolitan areas were defined by smaller area units, such as municipalities (as in Canada) or census tracts.

The exurban areas are more attractive to residents at least in part because of considerably less expensive housing and their greater availability of detached houses than in the three core urban areas.

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