Bibbia cristiana cattolica online dating

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Placing a bookmarkat the end of each reading session, helps to keep your readingsessions organized.This is one of the best offline women Bible for your phone today.This is the Bible CEI (official title The Holy Bible ), the Italian translation of the official Catholic Bible bythe CEI ( Italian Episcopal Conference ).The first printed translation was in 1471, the Malermi Bible.You don’t need to carry your hard copy Bible around. In this first edition of Bible for women, there are several readingplans you can follow.All you needis your smartphone and your ear phone and you can enjoy the beautyof God’s women. You can also take notes and highlights text for laterreferences. Enjoy reading the Bible because it is the word of God.Grow together everyday with friends, sharing your discoveries.

A helpful feature that comes with the women bible app software isthe bookmark.

La traduzione ufficiale della CEI (Conferenza Episcopale Italiana)fu iniziata nel 1965 con lo scopo di fornire una traduzione adattaalla liturgia cattolica italiana, secondo le indicazioni del Concilio Vaticano II.

Il Cristianesimo è una religione monoteista a carattereuniversalistico, originatasi dal Giudaismo nel I secolo, fondatasulla venuta di Gesù di Nazareth (gesù cristo) inteso come figliodi Dio, incarnato, morto e risorto per la salvezza di tutti gliuomini, ovvero il Messia promesso, il Cristo.

The Bible of CEI (Conferenza Episcopale Italiana) is the officialversion of the Italian Catholic Church.

Prior to the initialpublication of the CEI edition in 1971, the most common Italiantranslation of the bible was that of Archbishop Antonio Martini,published from 1769–1781.

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