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Though Darwin only intended to provide a rough estimate in order to emphasize the point, his statement became the subject of much controversy (Hallam, 107)-so much so that it was modified and eventually removed entirely from later editions (Hallam, 113; Lewis, 26).Among those who objected to Darwin's argument was William Thomson, a young physicist from Glasgow University who would later become Lord Kelvin (Lewis, 34).Lyell's argument for age not only convinced Darwin, but it also greatly influenced his thinking on the origin of species by providing a timescale large enough to make natural selection plausible (Lewis, 19).Lyell carefully avoided attempts to quantify Earth's age (Lewis, 25).From the uniformitarian perspective, it was obvious that the Earth must have existed for an utterly immense period of time; the measured rates of geologic change, e.g.erosion and uplift, were far too slow to create the modern shape of Earth's surface without millions and millions of years.Prior to the activity, students must have already learned how to draw electron shells.The Atomic Dating Game provides students with opportunities to practice drawing atomic models.

The article presents the Atomic Dating Game design to help students visualize atoms combining and to increase student understanding of how, and why combination occurs.

They must combine with atoms of other elements to become stable.

When an atom of one element enters into chemical combination with another element, both atoms usually attain a stable outer shell consisting of eight electrons.

As a science teacher, 1 realize that this concept is critical to a student's understanding of chemistry.

We can see chemicals bubble, change colors, or give off smoke, but unless we examine what is happening on the atomic level, we are presenting chemistry as a magical experience rather than a scientific reality.

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