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The author of the materials mentioned in this clause reserves all the pecuniary and personal non-pecuniary copyrights according to international law conventions of intellectual property, other laws, which regulating intellectual property. Using the functionality of the Company Services, the User agrees that User`s information may be given to the Company partners exceptionally for the purpose of providing the User with the services of the Company, which are provided jointly with these partners and exceptionally at the rate, necessary for the appropriate providing of these services. The Company takes no responsibility, including for the compliance of the services with User`s purposes and gives no guarantees of regular work of the Services. The Company does not guarantee that: the Services meet and / or will meet the requirements of the User; the Services will be provided uninterruptedly, quickly, safely and without errors; the results that may be obtained using the Services will be accurate and reliable and may be used for any purposes or in any capacity (e.g., for determination and / or confirmation of any facts); the quality of any product, service, information etc.obtained using the Services will meet User`s expectations. The User is solely responsible for the possible consequences of the use of information and / or materials, the access to which he has gained by means of the Services, including the damage which this can cause to the User`s computer or to third parties for data loss or any other damage. The Company is not responsible for any kind of damages that occur in consequence of using the Services by the User or separate functional features, tools and Services of the Company or any kind of damages, happening because of action of the third persons. At User`s will the Company grants the User the right to use additional functional of the Services on a paid basis that allow the User to use additional, expanded, special program features of the Services (feature of sending graphical images to other Users as "presents", feature of viewing certain materials within the Services etc.). The right to use additional functional of the Service is granted for a fee and at the rate, which is determined by these Terms based on the size of this fee. Paying of the fee for the use of additional functional of the Service is realized by the User by means of money in the currency of the corresponding territory at the rate of the cost determined by the Company for the rights to use additional functional of the Services (virtual currency of the Services).If it is revealed cloning Company is entitled to collect from users of the corresponding penalty, blocking all or some such User accounts and limit the functionality of the Services for the User; 5.

to post links to the web resources, the content of which contradict the current legislation; 12.of these Terms, the Company reserves the right to demand a fine and the User is obliged to pay it in favor of the Company or affiliated person. Size of fines(the size of the fine may be changed depending on the severity of the violation of the Terms.): - cloning accounts – 100 rubles for a single violation, the systematic – 200 rubles; - broadcasting of pornographic materials - 200 rubles by one-time violation, 400 rubles by regular violations; - obscene words - 50 rubles by one-time violation, 100 rubles by regular violations; - Taking and spreading drugs - 500 rubles by one-time violation, 1000 rubles by regular violations; - broadcasting of suicide scenes and suicide appeals - 500 rubles by one-time violation, 1000 rubles by regular violations; - insult to moderators, service administrators - 300 rubles by one-time violation, 600 rubles by regular violations; - spreading spam and harmful links - 100 rubles by one-time violation, 200 rubles by regular violations; - illegal sale of accounts, game currency - 1000 rubles by one-time violation, 2000 rubles by regular violations; - direct damage of the Company (account crack, slander and spreading information discrediting business reputation) - 50000 rubles. The Company reserves the right to set limitations of use of the Services for all the Users or for separate User Categories (depending on User`s location etc.), including: availability / unavailability of separate functions of the Services, special parameters of the uploaded materials etc. The User agrees that in case of violation of these Terms the Company reserves the right to block the access of the User to the Services/Service (both for limited time and permanently), to demand the payment of the fine and is not obliged to restore the access of the User to the Services/Service after the payment of the fine. The Company reserves the right to send messages with information content to its users. No Service elements and any materials posted within the Services cannot be used otherwise without prior rightholder authorization.Under the use the following notions are implied: reproduction, copying, processing, spreading on any basis etc. The use of the Service elements and any materials for personal non-commercial use by the User is admitted on the condition of saving all the signs of the copyright protection, allied rights, trademarks, other authorship notifications, saving of author`s name (pseudonym) / rightholder`s name unchanged, saving of corresponding object unchanged. The user gives to the Company a nonexclusive license for the use, including reproduction, spreading, processing, public demonstration and informing about the materials posted by the User within the Services for the public viewing as the materials of the Company accessible by means of the Company Services, including for the purpose of promotion of the Services and their advertisement. The User is solely responsible for the consequences of the use or disuse of the Services.Flirty Mania is a free video chat on mobile and tablets. This video chat can be used without registration and no credit card need. ★ A PERFECT PLACE FOR LIVE CAM FLIRTING Friends for everyone in our free live chat.★ HUNDREDS OF LIVE WEBCAMS WITH STRANGERS Chat with girls and guys from all corners of the world using your webcam. ★ VIDEO CHAT BATTLES A unique opportunity to find a conversation partner and have a good argument. Chat and flirt with girls and guys from all around the world! ★ SAFE AND ENJOYABLE COMMUNICATION We keep an eye on this. ★ SEND GIFTS Do something good and send a gift to somebody you like. Czech, German, English, English (United Kingdom), English (India), English (Philippines), English (United States), Spanish, Spanish (Argentina), Spanish (Bolivia), Spanish (Chile), Spanish (Colombia), Spanish (Costa Rica), Spanish (Dominican Republic), Spanish (Ecuador), Spanish (Guatemala), Spanish (Honduras), Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Nicaragua), Spanish (Panama), Spanish (Peru), Spanish (Puerto Rico), Spanish (Paraguay), Spanish (El Salvador), Spanish (United States), Spanish (Uruguay), Spanish (Venezuela), French, French (Canada), Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese, Chinese (China), Chinese (Hong Kong SAR China), Chinese (Taiwan) Terms of Use of the Services of MASTER TIGRA INC.

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